I Am unlimited and I have solutions for you that are viable and powerful, says the LORD. I can create and make all things new for you. You are not trapped in your circumstances! Although you may not see the remedy and have no way of escape, I will MAKE a way for you! Just trust in Me and know that I will always be with you in times of trouble. You will not be imprisoned by your circumstances and the enemy has no power over you. He cannot keep you in bondage as I Am the ONE Who sets you free, says the LORD.

I Am the Way, and your life is in My hands, says the LORD. I cannot be bound, and neither can you. I cannot be defeated, and I cannot fail. You will know that I Am dependable, on time, and will always prepare the way for you and order your steps. Just hold ON! Your answers will come, be clear and you will be delivered from the plots of the evil one, his plans will be null and void, and you will rejoice and be glad, says the LORD.

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