I Will Reward Openly You

I see your heart, says the LORD. I know your thoughts. I see your good works, and I know how you have labored for Me and My kingdom. I will reward you openly for those things that you did in secret. Nothing you have done has bypassed My attention. I have recorded every thought, every deed, everything, and you will have a harvest of blessings that will shock you, says the LORD.

Though others have not recognized you and credited you for the labors of love you have done for ME, I recognize you, says the LORD! I will honor you. I will reward you openly. I will give you sudden surprise blessings that will exceed your expectations. I know your love for Me, and you have served Me with all your heart. Can I overlook you? Never, says the LORD. Your seeds of kindness will produce MY LOVING KINDNESS. Your love toward others will reap My unimpeachable love. Your gifts that you have given will only be seeds sown that will reap My unspeakable gifts to you. I will bless you and honor you and expand you and use you for My glory, for as you have built others, I will build YOU, and you will not be small, but great, says the LORD.

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