Let My will be your primary desire and watch it come to pass, says the LORD. For when you seek My kingdom and My righteousness and make that your priority, you will also discover My will for your life. You will be fulfilled. You will be free. You will be fully thrilled with what I have ordained for you. For what you cannot see, I will show you. What you cannot do, I will enable you to do. What you cannot understand, I will teach you. For with Me, there is no such thing as the word, “Can’t,” says the LORD.

You can do all things through Me, as you are filled with My Spirit, filled with My Word, filled with My light, and empowered and equipped by Me to fulfill everything that I have called you to do, says the LORD. NOTHING will be undone, as you trust in Me as your source and believe in My infallible Word. For I Am with you always. As long as you believe, receive and pursue Me with all of your heart, you will never fail. I will be more than enough for you, and you will excel in your purpose as you Make Me your choice and follow My perfect will for your life, says the LORD.

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