The righteous will never be forsaken, says the LORD. They are never without My help. They are never without My presence. They are never without My provision. They are never without My Spirit. They are never without My power. They are always cared for, always protected, always in My holy hands that created them for My purpose. I have made them righteous by My blood that was shed for them, because they have believed and received the provisions of My finished work on the cross, and follow Me, says the LORD.

I will never forsake you or forget you, says the LORD. You will always have what you need in Me, as you trust in My unimpeachable love, presence, power and living Word. My presence will always go before you, and all that I AM belongs to YOU. You belong to Me. I belong to YOU! I AM faithful, and you are always in My heart, in My hands, in My thoughts and in My sight. I Am El Shaddai, more than enough for YOU, and I will not only provision you, but bless you to be a conduit of blessing. For never will you need to beg for anything, but you will enjoy the daily bread that I give you, the daily care and the daily benefits of KNOWING and TRUSTING in Me as your beloved, everlasting Father, and you are My beloved, everlasting child, says the LORD.

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