Daily Devotional: Never Forsaken

We thank you, Lord, that you will never cast us away. We are your children, your inheritance that you will never forget. Your love and compassion are unfailing, unimpeachable, and perpetual. Though others have forsaken us, you will not. You have the perfect answers for our complex problems, and we are blessed, because you are our everlasting Father GOD that

Never Forsaken

The righteous will never be forsaken, says the LORD. They are never without My help. They are never without My presence. They are never without My provision. They are never without My Spirit. They are never without My power. They are always cared for, always protected, always in My holy hands that created them for My purpose. I have made

Never Forsaken, Never Alone!

Fear not, says the Lord. I have not forsaken you. I am with you always, and you are NEVER alone! I will keep you night and day as your Great Shepherd, that never sleeps, so that you can! You will be free from the diabolical attacks of the wicked one, and I will take you out of the darkness and