Nothing is impossible for ME, says the LORD. Absolutely nothing is beyond My ability! I cannot be limited and the word, “Challenge,” is not in My vocabulary. I will never be delayed, denied or detained. For there is no greater power or authority, and I cannot be advised or directed. I Am the SOVEREIGN. There are no boundaries and My wisdom and understanding is infinite, says the LORD.

Think big! Think bigger! Think Beyond, says the LORD. Use your imagination that I have given you! Who said you can’t? Who said I WON’T? I will do great and mighty thing in the midst of you as YOU BELIEVE, and I will give you far beyond your imagination as you envision the supernatural. I will exceed your expectations, so expect miracles! Don’t limit Me by the mindset of those who tell you it cannot happen. Dismiss those negative thoughts and go far beyond human boundaries and resources in your faith and trust in Me. For I have created all things for My purposes and pleasure, and I Am still creating, purposing, and working My good pleasure, according to the counsel of My will and purpose and plans that are higher, broader, deeper and more powerful than you can ever ask or think or imagine, says the LORD.

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