I Am come to you that you might have an abundant life in Me, says the LORD. Abundance is beyond your need, and beyond your control, and beyond your ability to produce. I Am the one who GIVES this to you by My own wisdom, understanding, power and presence. I Am able to do much more for you than you

Only Believe

Everything is Possible

Nothing is impossible with Me, says the LORD. Just believe in My presence, My power, My Word, and My higher thoughts and ways that are far above your circumstances. I am not in a box and cannot be confined to the natural things you see and know and understand. My understanding is infinite, and nothing hinders Me. Nothing can contain

God of the Possible

I Am the GOD of the possible, and nothing is impossible for Me, says the LORD. I Am the GOD of the positive, and I need no negativity, for it is not of Me. I Am the GOD of the GOOD, and evil is not in My kingdom. I Am the God that heals, for healing is the bread for