I Am in Command and In Control

I Am in command and in control at all times, says the LORD. There is none other than Me. None can out power Me. None is wiser. There is no greater authority. I Am the Sovereign. I cannot be defeated. My voice can never be silenced, and no decree from the evil one can nullify Mine. Make Me your only

Daily Devotional: GOD Will Make All Things New

Lord, I am trusting you to make all things new for me. You are the Sovereign, and there is nothing that you will not do for Me, as I come to you in prayer, and entrust my life to you. I believe for the new, as you turn my sorrow into joy, and give me a creative miracle. You are

Miracle Doors Will Open For You

Miracle doors will open for you, says the LORD. They do not even need to exist right now. I will create them. I will open them, and I will make a way for you where none exists, says the LORD. Believe in My supernatural power to do anything and everything that will bring you into the position and promotion that

I Am the Sovereign

The majority does NOT rule, says the LORD. I do. I Am the Commander-in-Chief, and the Sovereign. I Am not taking a vote and it is not a popularity contest that I Am in. There is no competition, for there is no other power that can match Mine. There is no other voice that can counsel Me and none that

Trust in My Promises and Believe in My Provision

Don’t dwell on the negative things that are vying for your attention, says the LORD. Think on the good things. THERE ARE GOOD things that I have given you to enjoy every day. Study them. Be thankful for what you have. Trust in My promises and believe Me for your provisions. Do not cave into the evil reports you are

Your Purpose is Fulfilling and Good

God will Fulfill

Trust that your purpose is good, say the LORD. It is fulfilling! You will not be empty, but full. You will not be depleted, but empowered. You will not lose, but WIN! I have called you, and I will equip you and empower you to do exactly what I have decreed over your life. I can, and I will! Do

Daily Devotional: Comfort

When my many thoughts make me anxious and fearful, your comforts are a delight to my soul. Your presence quiets my fears and reassures me that you are sovereign in my life. You have everything in control. I trust in you when things seem unmanageable, knowing that you are the Master of my destiny, and hold all of today, and

Your Future Will Be Secure, Safe, Successful

The forecast of your future is not in the hands of man, says the LORD. Governments, economic conditions, people, places, and things are not in charge of your destiny. I AM the SOVEREIGN, I Am YOUR GOD, and I AM in control, says the LORD. The earth belongs to ME! The silver and gold are MINE. I made it, know

Everything is in My Hands

Don’t be afraid of what lies ahead, says the LORD. I Am in control! Nothing will dictate your life or change you. I Am your GOD. I Am your purpose. I Am the reason you exist. Nothing will interfere with My plan and purposes that I have ordained for your life. I Am the Sovereign, and circumstances all come under

I Am the One Who Defines You

I Am the One Who defines you, says the LORD. As My creation, no one has that right to label you or interpret you or try to fit you into a category of their own imagination and making. You cannot fit into the agendas of others, for I have ownership of you and your destiny purpose is what I have