Nothing is Off Limit When You Believe

Absolutely nothing is off limits for you, when you believe, says the LORD. There is NOTHING that is impossible, for that word is NOT a description of ME. I do what others deem as impossible constantly, for miracles, signs and wonders are easy for Me to perform for those who will stretch their imagination and look beyond human resources and believe in Me and My presence, power and ability to give them hope beyond hope, help beyond what they can even imagine, and power that bridges between impossible to possible, says the LORD.

When I say, nothing is impossible for those who believe, I was not making exceptions to this or telling you to read the fine print, so that I could weaken My Word and place boundaries on My promises. Nothing means just that! Absolutely NOTHING will restrict the power of your faith that is unwavering, unrelenting, focused and determined to receive exactly what you will believe Me for, and beyond. For as I promised you, your imagination is not the limit, for I will exceed your greatest expectations, and give you what you never even dreamed of, if you will place your trust in Me, and ONLY BELIEVE, says the LORD.

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