Turn your face away from the naysayers and the unbelievers and look in the opposite direction, says the Lord. Shut your ears to the illegitimate voices that never believe, never agree with Me, and never encourage you to obey My voice that is compelling you to do My Will and Work for My kingdom. You do not need the distractions and discouragement that will be the result of trying to please others. Just please Me, and you will not only have peace, but I will give you the reassurance that you are going in the right direction, as I confirm My Word to you, and gently lead you forward in the direction of your purpose and destiny in Me, says the LORD.

I will Always confirm My Word to you, says the LORD. But do not look to mere man to lead you. I will send you My Word, and YOUR SPIRIT will LEAP when you hear it. It will never be in the form of dissenting voices and belittling statements. My Word will be in agreement with My still, small voice on the inside of you. YES, I WILL CONFIRM My WORD, and My will shall be known to you, and you will not walk in confusion as you hear so many negative voices and opinions of others that want to direct you and be your counselor, when that position has been taken by Me alone. I will lead and guide you by My Spirit and enlighten your path and order every step of the Way that you are to take, as I fully equip you and furnish you unto every good work I have called and chosen you to do, says the LORD.

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