You have a privileged position in Me, says the Lord. I have linked My Name with yours, and given you honor, because you honor Me and trust in My great name. I have given you power and authority, and you are to execute judgment and justice that I have positioned you to do, wherever you are and whatever you do. Do it with all your might, for I did not call you to sit around and worry and wonder and fret, says the LORD.

Faith and trust in ME are not stationary, but active, says the LORD. Rise up and Walk! Walk in My Word. Execute it on earth as it is in heaven. Walk in Faith in Me, as you hold your head up high and face the winds of adversity with confidence. I have empowered you to make a difference and to expand My kingdom on earth as it is in heaven, and that means WORK. Let your hands be steady on the plow, and do not turn back. Press on, and do what I have called you to do, and do not stop. For then I will delight in you, as you are a doer of My will and obey My voice, and follow Me, says the LORD.

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