Spectacular, Extraordinary Encounters

Don’t settle for the mundane and ordinary, says the LORD. You do not have to be bored and lethargic. I will give you spectacular, extraordinary encounters with Me and wow you with My glory, says the LORD. I will open My windows in heaven and pour out miracles. I will pour out My fire. I will give you amazing signs and wonders and do marvelous acts in the midst of you as you pursue Me and press into My presence, says the LORD.

New is new, and you will come up higher as you seek Me with all your heart, says the LORD. Not only will you find ME, but you will discover the hidden treasures that I have reserved for you in My presence. I will do the phenomenal acts before your very eyes, and you will know that My power is superior than any other. I have invested in you my great mighty power, and you will be enriched and equipped for the purpose that I have created you for, and I will give you everything you need to fulfill it, says the LORD

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