The New is Better Than the Old

You do not need to try to pick up the pieces of your life or try to put things back together again or worry about putting things in order when there was nothing but chaos, says the LORD. Leave the ash heap and move forward. Don’t look for the broken pieces so that you can fit them together again. Your burned Ziglag is not important at all in respect to what lies ahead of you, says the LORD.

The new is better than the old, says the LORD. You do not have to salvage anything. Refocus your attention on what lies ahead and believe for not just the better, but the very best. For look! I make all things NEW, and I do not need the pot shards of yesterday to create something new for you. I an the One who will give you peace in the middle of your mess and bring you into a new level of understanding, a higher place, and turn your mourning into gladness. Forsake the territories that are no longer valuable to you, and move into the light that I have given you to walk in. It is not sorrowful, but joyful, and your new beginning is JUST A BEGINNING of something that I have prepared for you, that will astound you, and you will never even want to ever look back, says the LORD

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