Think On My Goodness and Mercy

Don’t repeat the lies of the enemy, says the Lord. You do not need to side with him against yourself. Give him NO place, and do not think on his threats that he is unable to carry out. It will only distract you and bring you into confusion that does NOT come from Me. Deny the enemy access to your thinking and resist his intrusive attacks. I have given you My armor and sword and My shield of faith to USE, so do not neglect to do so, says the LORD.

You are a winner and not a loser, says the LORD. Do not think loss, but think gain. Do not think evil, but think on My goodness and mercy for you. Dwell on the things that tend to life, and they will come to pass. Reject the negative things that the enemy offers, and send him fleeing from you. Stand and fight against darkness with the light I have given you, and let your mind be clear of fear and doubt. You have everything you need from Me to succeed. WIN THE WAR and every battle as you become armed and dangerous to the enemy, filled with My SPIRIT, clothed with My armor, and empowered with My mighty weapons that will never fail, says the LORD.

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