Free is free, says the LORD. The gifts that I give you are not costing you. They have cost Me. I have given you irrevocable gifts out the treasure of My own loving heart. I have laid down My life for you, and what I have for you are unspeakable and holy and good gifts. Just receive them by faith and USE THEM by faith for My glory.  For it is your faith and faithfulness that please Me. You could not earn your salvation that I have given you, but you have freely received this through your faith in My finished work on the cross for you, says the LORD.

You cannot give enough money to redeem yourself, says the LORD. I have done this for you. I have given you life that is abundant and everlasting. You cannot earn unspeakable gifts that I alone will give you, either. All that I have for you is because of My grace that I have given you, by your faith in Me and My infallible Word and unimpeachable goodness and mercy and love for you that activates everything that I have reserved you.   Freely give as I have given you, from a loving and caring heart, even as I have done for you.  For I want you to represent Me in all you do and say, and in all that you give.  For nothing is of yourself.  I want others to see your good works that will glorify me, and I will be the ONE who rewards you for freely ministering My love and graciousness to others, even as I have done for you, says the LORD.

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