Stop saying that you can’t, when I have said you can, says the LORD. There is nothing you cannot do, for My Word has already covered every possibility, every problem, everything that you will face, have faced and are dealing with now. I did not lie when I told you that you CAN DO all things through Me, as I strengthen you. All means all! It covers every challenge, every task, every duty that is assigned to you, and there is enough of ME in you to DO everything well, even as I do, says the LORD.

I have furnished and equipped you to succeed, not to falter and fail, and I have given you more than enough, says the LORD. Your strength cannot fail when I AM the strength of your heart and life. You cannot fall, for I Am the One Who is holding you up with My own right hand. You cannot be overpowered and overrun, for I have given you the power to overcome! Use the weapons that I have given you and stand in unwavering faith, for undefeated is what you are, and power from Me is what you have, and success that comes from me is assured, because of your faith and trust in Me, Who is with you always, and will always cause you to triumph in Me, says the LORD.

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