Your Sins Are Forgiven, Forgotten, Cleansed

I have forgiven and forgotten your sins that you have confessed to Me and I have cleansed you from ALL UNRIGHTEOUSNESS by My own blood, says the LORD. You could not erase them, but I cleansed them, and they no longer exist. Others may remember them and remind you and condemn you continually, but I WILL NOT. I count! My opinion matters. MY approval is all you need. Forgiven, cleansed and forgotten is what I HAVE accomplished for you, and I want you to forget those things that I have forgotten, and know that they are not to exist in you, for you are dead to that sin and alive unto My righteousness that I have imputed into you, says the LORD.

I have cast away your sins, not you. YOU ARE NOT a castaway, says the LORD. I Am your keeper. YOU ARE KEPT in My holy hands, and no one has the power to take you out of My protection, out of MY presence, out of MY kingdom and out of MY glory. I have you. You belong to Me, for I have purchased you, and I will not give you up, give you over or sell you to the highest bidder. They cannot afford you. The cost of your redemption is great, and that purchase of you is assured and sealed by My great Name, by My love and own signature, says the LORD.

Be assured that when you came to Me, I accepted you, says the LORD. When you confessed your sins, I cleansed you. When you called upon My Name, I saved you. You belong to ME, and I have inscribed your name in My book of life. REJOICE in MY FINISHED work on the cross for you, for My great salvation is a gift that I have given to you that you could not earn, afford or merit. I gave you this unspeakable gift of My grace because you entrusted Me to be your Savior and LORD, for there is no other means and no other name whereby you must be saved, and I have saved you, says the LORD.

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