Your Tears of Anguish Will Be Changed Into Tears of Joy

No weapon that is formed against ME shall prosper, says the LORD. This is all about Me as well as all about you, for we are ONE! Do you think for any moment that an attack against you is not an attempt to assault ME? Can that prosper? Can that succeed? I laugh at the enemy that is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, for everything that is hidden shall be revealed. There is no amount of disguises that can hide the intent of the heart from ME. I Am not fooled. I Am not shaken. I am not deceived, and I am NOT moved, and I Am with YOU ALWAYS, says the LORD.

I will strip the wolves that feign to be sheep, and they will be naked and bare, exposed and ashamed, says the LORD. For you are MOST PROTECTED by ME, that is the MOST HIGH. Even as My SON is the SON OF THE HIGHEST, have not I adopted you and made you MY CHILD? The enemy may be laughing at you, and your tears may flow, but I tell you, that you will have the LAST SAY and your sorrow will be turned into joy, your pain into pleasure, and you will laugh hysterically until you cry! For your tears of anguish will be changed into tears of JOY! For the battles you face are MINE, and I cannot lose, cannot be harmed, cannot be deceived, cannot be mocked and cannot be robbed and spoiled, says the LORD.

I AM GOD in the midst of you, and what cannot conquer me, cannot conquer you, says the Lord. You have NOTHING to fear that the enemy threatens or does, for his attack is personally against Me, and YOU will not be destroyed, but the enemy that came to steal, kill and destroy you will reap what he has sown. The sword will penetrate his own heart. The gallows he had constructed to hang you on will be built for himself. You are never the loser, but the ONE who is the victor, for I will always cause you to triumph in ME, and the diabolical works of the enemy that I have come to destroy WILL BE DESTROYED right before your very eyes, and you will be openly vindicated, blessed and promoted the sight of all your enemies. Your enemies are MY ENEMIES, and I will fight for you, defend you, deliver you and save you and bless you, says the LORD.

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