Your Weakness Will Become Strength

I will set your face like flint, says the LORD. I will make you a sharp instrument in My hands with teeth. You will not become prey to the enemy, but they will become prey to you. As you have been sought out for destruction and cursed by the enemy, I will make the enemy a curse I will cause you to be sought after because of the light of My glory that will be seen on you, says the LORD.

Your weakness will become strength, says the LORD. Your fears will be reversed and become threats to the enemy, as I turn the tables over of the money exchangers and those who have made My house a place of merchandise and a den of thieves. They have robbed Me. They have hidden that which belongs to Me in their stuff. It will be openly revealed. I will drive them out of My house, and I bare My holy arm. I will openly vindicate you and promote you and give you honor, because you have honored me and sought after Me, My kingdom and My righteousness, and I will reward you openly, says the LORD.

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