Be Aware and Sensitive of My Presence

Be aware and sensitive of My presence in your life, says the LORD. For I Am a constant and not a variable. I Am with you always. Always MEANS always. When you are asleep, I am aware of you and awake, on task, working, watching, guarding, protecting, keeping you safe, and you are always secure in Me. When you are awake, I Am with you to lead and guide you, order your steps, give you wisdom, counsel, understanding, and help. I Am your keeper that does not slumber nor sleep, and I want you to acknowledge My presence at all times, says the LORD.

Enter into the peace that I have ordained for you, as you entrust your care to Me, says the Lord. NO ONE CAN DO MORE for you, and there is none that is My equal. You have the best, for I Am the GREATEST. Trust! Believe! RECEIVE! For there is NOTHING that I will not do for you, and there is NOTHING that I Am unaware of. I Am attentive of you. You belong to ME, and I take meticulous care of you always. I will never abandon you, and as you focus your attention upon Me, you will have abiding peace in My presence, just knowing that I Am in control, and will do all things wonderfully and perfectly for you as you entrust your care to Me and rest in My abiding love for you, says the LORD.

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