All of the promises that I have given you will be realized by those who embrace them by unwavering, relentless faith, says the LORD. Believe what I have said no matter what you see, what you hear, what you feel, or what others are speaking. Just hold steady, and never give up to the distracting, dissenting voices that never believe My Word, and their lives prove it. My Word is uncompromising, everlasting, powerful, and miracle working. Believe in Miracles. Believe in Me. Believe that I AM able and willing to give you everything that you need, and much more. My resources are inexhaustible, my blessings abundant, and I have hidden treasures that I will reveal to those who refuse to doubt. You do not have to have a vote on what I can and will do for you! The majority does not rule, says the LORD.

Your faith in My infallible WORD, My inexhaustible love, My unmatched power is what will release your miracle, says the LORD. ONLY BELIEVE, and never compromise. Stand for what you believe, and expect your miracle. For I desire to pour out miracles and it is MY WILL to heal, repair, revive, refresh, renew, and empower. Life is what I have promised, and as you remain on the path of faith, and not veer to the left nor the right, you will walk into your miracle, and there will be nothing less than what you can and will believe Me for, says the LORD.

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