Believe Me for Miracles, Signs and Wonders

You cannot make yourself worthy to receive My precious gifts and miracles, says the LORD. There is nothing that you can do to merit them. You can believe Me for miracles, signs and wonders, because I said I would GIVE THEM. You can expect Me to perform them in your midst as you prepare your heart to receive the spectacular things that are already in My heart to pour out to you, says the LORD.

Your faith is what pleases Me, says the LORD. Your hunger and thirst for Me will be rewarded with FULLNESS. As you seek Me, you will find ME. As you desire Me, you will pursue ME. As your desire increases, so will your hunger and thirst, and I will satisfy you. I want to bless you and revive you and restore you and fill you more than you desire. It is My will to radically pour out My Spirit and put Myself on display in your midst to do great and mighty things, if you will believe, pursue Me, expect, and hunger and thirst for Me and the deeper things of My Spirit, and you will have them, says the LORD.

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