Cleansed and Sanctified

I have cleansed you and made you holiness onto ME, says the LORD.  I have separated you to not only be a servant, but a son.  It is My shed blood that has cleansed and sanctified you and consecrated you to MY service.  I have make you an entitled child and everything that I have is yours because of the finished work of the cross.  Your faith in what I have done for you has given you every right and privilege in My Kingdom as My beloved child.  You are royalty!  Arise now and proclaim every benefit that I have provided for you.  Yes!  Decree and declare that you are the head and not the tail! Decree that you are blessed coming in and going out. Declare that your basket is full.  Declare a bountiful harvest!   Let your mouth speak that every provision is on the table of My presence for you, and there is nothing missing!  You have the desires of your heart!  I have granted them.  Rejoice in all that is yours and possess it, says the LORD.

You are not a beggar but a receiver and a possessor of everything that I have promised you, says the LORD.  It is not a passive faith but a vibrant, moving faith that not only proclaims, but possesses!  You are not only to stand on your promised land, but to possess and occupy it, says the LORD.  Be assured that I did not bring you into your promised land to be subdued and impoverished.  I did not call for defeat! I cannot be defeated and you cannot be either.  I have equipped you to possess your land and rule and reign as a king in life!  Arise and stand in confident trust that I have fully equipped you to be undefeated and empowered to hold onto what I have given you as My glory fills you and your environs and My protective angels surround you at all times, says the Lord.

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