Come up Higher

Come up higher, says the Lord. Higher! Higher! COME UP! I Am elevating you in MY presence and glory. Arise. Ascend in My glory, for there is no ceiling to My glory! There is no boundaries in ME. There is MORE! Do not become complacent or satisfied with your present level in ME, for I want you to have the new! It is a new day, and a new place that you will discover in Me as you arise. Let the cry of your heart be for More of My presence, more of My Spirit, More of My glory, more of My power! Let Me be the desire of your heart. Long for MORE and that is what I will give to you, says the LORD.

I desire to give you more than you could ever ask or think or imagine, says the Lord. I long to grant much more for you than you could ever dream. So change the way that you ask. Increase your imaginations. Enlarge your thoughts. For you will never be able to reach the level of My good thoughts and desires that I have for you. My vision for you is greater than yours, so exchange yours for Mine and come up and stand on higher ground. See things you have never seen before, and hear things that you have never heard before and receive what you never dreamed of before, for it is this new level that I want for you and have prepared and reserved for you now, says the LORD. Come up higher–NOW!

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