Depression and Gloominess

Do not wallow in depression and gloominess, says the Lord, for there is no darkness in the light of the countenance of My face that shines upon you.  Reject the dark thoughts of the enemy as he endeavors to invade your thinking and try to convince you that they are your thoughts.  Resist those dark images and imaginations that he is so persistently trying to distract you with.  Meekness is not weakness, and lowly of heart is not self disapproval. My joy that I give you in the secret place of My presence has no sorrow attached,  says the Lord.

You are My workmanship and My special creation, says the Lord.  The enemy continually tries to convince you that you are not good enough.  His lies are full of negativity.  Not so, says the Lord.   Just not so!  You are greatly beloved of Me.  I long to have you rush into the secret place of communion with Me where I always lavish My love on you.  I always desire for you to be in intimate fellowship with Me, and this is the place of unspeakable joy that is full of My glory…always!  This is where you belong.  Your primary purpose is to seek Me;  to seek My face. When you seek Me with your whole heart, you will find Me, and when you seek My face, the light of My glory will radiate on you, and others will know that you have been with Me.  It is in this place that I will meet with you and supply all your need.  Yes, it is according to My riches that be in glory, says the Lord.

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