Don’t become angry and resentful and bitter because of the disappointing actions, abuse and rejections from others, says the LORD. Rise above all that negativity, for I have much better things for you to do. I have positive experiences for you that will come forth even out of the burning embers of the ash heap of your life. An emergence of GOOD things is coming from those things that seem to have no redeeming qualities. Trust me. I will use even the darkest things to bring out My best purposes for our life that you never dreamed possible, says the LORD.

I will use everything that was meant for evil, to shape you into the vessel of honor that will be high above your expectations and visions that you had, says the LORD. For as My thoughts and ways are higher than yours, so is My vision. Perfect vision is not 20/20 vision, for I will elevate you into new heights of My glory and give you a HIGHER, WIDER, DEEPER and more powerful, impacting sight and purpose than you thought possible. Forfeit the temptation to wallow in depressive thoughts because of the things you have experienced and the evil intentions of others who have destructive motives. I have only CONSTRUCTIVE things for you that will build, edify, fortify and empower you, and as you abandon the past and press forward, you will be shocked at the things that await, that I have laid up in store for you, that NO MAN can destroy or stop, says the Lord.

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