Freely Given Good Things to Enjoy

I have freely given you all good things to enjoy, says the LORD.  It is My purpose to provision you and take good care of you as my beloved child.  Your faith and trust in Me at all times is valuable and pleasing to Me.  I will honor your faith and faithfulness.  I will honor YOU because you honor Me.  You will not lack any good thing, for I Am ahead of you, making a way for you even in the wilderness where you see no provision. I Am unrestricted by external conditions, and all is subject to ME.  I will provide in the desert and provision you in your personal times of drought.  I have an unlimited supply and My ways are beyond your ability to understand.  Just trust in Me and believe with child-like faith that when you need something, it will be there for you from ME, says the LORD.

I will make you like a watered garden and cause you to bear much fruit, says the Lord. I Am calling for a bountiful harvest that is more than enough.  I will cause the rain of My Spirit to pour out upon you, so that there will be no lack.  I Am a GOD of more than enough, and you are to be like Me.  There is no shortages with Me.  There is no want with Me. I Am with you always, so there is no shortages or want with you.  I will provide and generously prosper you and bless you and enrich you in Me.  Look for the GOOD and you will see that all good gifts come from me, and you will rejoice in My personal and continual care of you, says the LORD.

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