I Am a GOD of increase and not decrease, says the LORD. I Am your GOD that builds you up. I do not tear you down. I give to you, I do not extract from you. I benefit you always, and that which is destructive and harmful is not of ME. You are My masterpiece, and on display in My kingdom as the work of My hands. I have designed you Myself and filled you with Myself. There are no mistakes in what I have created and nothing that I Am not pleased with that I have made. I do all things well, and when I created you for My glory, I said, THIS IS GOOD! Do not discredit Me for making you who you are. Do not fret about where you are. I have placed you. I have given you My light and life that will shine even in the very darkest places, says the LORD.

I have not Made you to be in darkness, but to shine in the dark corners of your life with My radiant light, says the LORD. My light and life in you cannot be extinguished by the enemy, but will defeat the darkness and the dark works of the enemy that My light in you exposes. Even as I came to destroy the works of the devil, I have called you to do the same. As I Am, BE, for I have created you for MY purpose and MY plan and MY KINGDOM, and your full destiny is in ME and from Me and authored by ME. I made no mistakes when I called you and when I chose you, and equipped you fully to be light! I have not only called you to overcome the enemy, but to be victorious for MY kingdom. I call for advancement of My kingdom and power and glory, and you are a vessel of honor that I have chosen to flow through for such a time as this, says the LORD.

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