God’s Plans for You are GOOD

My thoughts and plans and purposes for you are always higher than yours, better, perfect, and productive. They are good, says the LORD. I never plan to weaken you, sicken you, or bring you down. Just the opposite is true. I will always strengthen, build, heal, provision, protect, and empower My people, as they seek Me, and obey My voice, and entrust Me with their destiny purpose, says the LORD.

I want you to envision yourself as I see you, says the LORD. Do not see yourself as week, sick, disabled, disqualified, devalued, or deformed, but see yourself as a perfect work in Me. I do all things well, and you are not an exception. Your purpose is not flawed, and I never set you up for failure. It is the enemy that comes to destroy you, but I have empowered you to overcome every diabolical attack, and press on to fulfill your destiny, says the LORD.

Be encouraged in Me, says the LORD. Be assured that as you trust in My constant love for you, and follow the steps that I order, they will bring you into the fullness of the plans that I have implemented for your life. They are good, wholesome, productive, fulfilling, and successful. I will be with you and help you as you press forward, and raise the level of your expectations so that you will strive for them. I will fulfill every good promise and purpose that I have ordained for your life as you refuse to compromise or lower your standards, and embrace them by your active, unwavering faith and trust in Me, says the LORD.

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