Meditate on My Word that Will Be Fulfilled

What are you listening to and what are you thinking, I ask? For you will go in the direction that your thoughts take you, says the LORD. Think on My Word! Meditate on it! Think good thoughts. For your thoughts will also give you vision. They are not mere illusions. Dwell on the good things that I have done for

Daily Devotional: Precious Thoughts of Me

Thank you, Lord, for always thinking about me. I cannot even count all your good thoughts that you have concerning me. They outnumber the sands on the sea shore. You are with Me night and day to protect Me, secure Me, empower Me, provision Me, and you keep Me well and strong as I put my trust in you. Amen

Don’t Allow Your Disappointments to Rule Over You

Don’t allow your disappointments rule over you or spoil your peace, says the LORD. Though others have failed you, I will not. Though they have abandoned you, I cannot! Though they have endeavored to hold put you down and defame you and hold you back, you will never have that from ME. I will hold you up and keep you

Daily Devotional: God’s Good Plans and Thoughts for Our Future

Lord, we thank you for your good thoughts and plans that you have for us in our lives.  You have declared that we will not be harmed, but you have given us hope for a GOOD, prosperous future. Thank you for your infallible Word that we can depend upon, that you will fulfill in our lives and all those we

My Higher Thoughts

Align your thoughts with Mine, says the LORD. For My thoughts are not only HIGHER than yours, but they are the HIGHEST! My thoughts and plans for you are higher than your own. You cannot comprehend them, but you can focus on what is beyond your perspective, exceed your expectations, and are measureless, beyond your wildest imagination, says the LORD.

Take Control of Your Thoughts

Take control of your thoughts, says the LORD. For you will go in the direction that your thoughts take you. You will pursue what you believe in. Place your thoughts on Me. Do not think limitations. Do not think defeat. Do not entertain the negative thoughts of the enemy that are always vying for your attention so that you are