Comfort and Joy

I am giving you comfort and joy in Me, for I Am your comforter, says the LORD. Come and receive the fullness of My joy in My presence. Abandon the stress and the demands that are vying for your attention and come into My presence. I want to give you comfort as I embrace you and lavish My love upon you. You need not carry the burdens in your own strength, but give them to Me. They are not too heavy for Me, and I will give you the rest that you need. Come and turn away from the cares of this life and let Me hold you close to Me. I will carry you on eagle’s wings and you can sour effortlessly and enjoy the view from a higher vantage point in Me, says the LORD.

I have given you the victory in Me, says the LORD.   Come and celebrate with Me now. I have prepared a banquet for you and My table is full of good things for you. Everything that you need is already supplied. Everything! I have fully furnished you and supplied all of your needs at the table in My presence. Nothing is out of your reach and nothing good will be withheld from you. I Am your everything, and you will never be disappointed. I have reserved for you a goodly portion in Me, and you will have more than enough. I will not just sustain you and satisfy you, but I will load you with benefits daily as you come to Me and receive of My unimpeachable and bountiful blessings. I will give you the desire of your heart, fulfill all of your dreams and give you more than you could even imagine. It has already been granted and prepared for you and awaits you in My presence, says the LORD.

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