I Am the One

Your destiny is in My hands, says the LORD.  I Am the One Who purposes. I Am the ONE who authors.  I Am the One Who is in charge of every purpose under the sun. I Am the ONE who fulfills all that I decree and My purposes will unfold.  Your times are in MY Hands. Every season is in MY hands. I created them for MY glory.  You will not be able to make things happen in your own life to get you to where I want you to be. Trust in My leadership!  Trust that I have not forgotten you.  Trust in Me at all times to fulfill every vision of MY heart that I have given you.  I have birthed My vision within you, and I order every step and position you to fulfill MY purposes in you and through you.  I will provision everything that I Am calling you to do.  Do not become impatient with the steps that you take. Do not become weary when you are not seeing those things that I have promised you, for they are yes.  They are amen to you as you embrace them by unwavering faith and confidence in ME, says the LORD.

I will fulfill every purpose in you that I have promised, says the LORD. I will part the Jordon and you will walk on dry ground safely into your new land that is before you.  I Am the One who will part the waters. I Am the One who will make a way for you when there is no way.  I will do it for the honor and glory of My own name, for it is My good pleasure to give unto you My kingdom. I have need of you. I will position and promote you and I will lead you into your full destiny and kingdom purpose ON TIME.  Do not frustrate yourself with the process for you are making progress in ME. Trust In Me, and wait on Me, and I will bring it to pass. I will give you the desire of your heart and use you mightily in My kingdom.  Let ME do the leading and you do the following.  My favor rests upon you at all times and your purpose in Me has NOT been aborted.  I will perfect you and all that concerns you. For I began the WORK, and I will complete it.  You are MY workmanship, and the fullness is yet to come, says the LORD.

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