I Am Your Exceeding, Great Reward

I Am your exceeding, great reward, and I will reward all of your labors for ME, says the LORD. I see them all, and they are ever before Me. I remember every detail of your sacrifices for others. I have them all recorded. I will honor you. I will repay.  Your gifts of love and labor are not in vain. Do not lament over what you view as failed harvests and disappointment of the past. I said you will reap what you sowed, and I meant it. What you sowed in tears, you will reap in joy. Nothing is wasted. Nothing that you spent is forgotten or lost. I have it, and I will, I will reward you and bring the increase, says the LORD.

I will reward you openly for those sacrifices that you did in secret, says the LORD. Sudden, unexpected blessings are coming your way from Me as I Am ready to give you the downpour. For your pain, I will give you double. I will increase your blessings, for I have commanded it. The harvest will be bountiful and you will forget the years of blight and failure as you come into a new season of reaping with great, unspeakable joy, says the LORD.

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