I have Made you My special, called out, chosen, peculiar people, that I have great pleasure in, says the LORD. I did not make you a freak or an odd person; I made you spectacular! You will stand out, because I have MADE YOU OUTSTANDING! You will have unusual gifts that cannot be mimicked or duplicated. They are powerful and productive. I have made YOU a gift and a beautiful and rare jewel that shines and sparkles in the darkest night. You are a RARE and lovely breed with unusual value, and cannot helped but to be noticed, says the LORD.

I will give you grace and glory, says the LORD. My glory will be seen on you, and you will be in the spotlight, not some hidden corner where I cannot display you, says the LORD. I have beautified you with My Holy SPIRIT, and My Armor of Light covers you. I have given you an unusual anointing that cannot be denied. My Word is powerful in you, and will produce what I have sent it forth to do. For you are a WRITTEN Word, to be known, read, and accomplished, as I have prepared and perfected you for such a time as this, to be My Messengers, My powerfully anointed vessels of honor, and you will accomplish what I have sent you to do in the power of MY SPIRIT, says the LORD.

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