I will establish you in My kingdom and in My infallible Word, says the LORD. You will not be shaken and removed by the forces of darkness, the violent winds of adversity, or the sudden, unexpected storms of life. I Am your security and firm foundation, and your faith and trust in Me will keep you night and day. You will not be vulnerable and subject to your environs and negative circumstances, but you will be strong and enduring, even as I have empowered you to overcome and endure, says the LORD.

Nothing takes Me by surprise, says the LORD. I know the future, and I know the plots of the enemy that desires to steal, kill, and destroy. But you are not to fear. You cannot be overwhelmed by the enemy as you refuse to budge. Just hold fast to My unfailing hand, and when the winds cease to blow, the storms pass over, the darkness is put out by the light of My glory, you will still be standing, untouched, unharmed, and undefeated, because you have made Me your trust, says the LORD.

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