Breaking Illegitimate Soul Ties

I Am breaking off the illegitimate soul ties that you have created that were not ordained of Me, says the LORD.  You do not even remember them all.  Don’t even try to think about them. I know who and what and where and how and why, and I Am breaking them for My own sake. I am breaking false and uneven and unauthorized yokes of bondage, false alignments with people, places and things and calling for failed harvests of those things that will reap destruction.  You can say all you want that you will reap what you sow and that the destruction is evident, but I say I AM the LORD of the harvest. I will blight and I will cause the drought and I will cause these illegitimate and destructive plants to wither and die on the vine.  I will cause the blast of My mouth to burn them with unquenchable heart.  I will do it for the honor of MY own name.  I call for a failed harvest because I CAN do all things and I do them well. You will not reap the things that you have sown that I have forgiven.  I have heard your cry and prayers and I said enough!  Enough of the condemnation. Enough of the wrong connections. ENOUGH of failures and enough of remorse. IT is enough.  You have cried long enough. You have repented. I have received you and blotted out every mark and stain of sin and am removing the scars from you life, because I can.  I will blot out the remembrance of every person and place and thing that I Am breaking off you and causing the harvest of these things to fail.  I Am liberating you from every false alignment and connection now, and releasing you and delivering you. Now move freely out of the prison houses, for you are not tied, bound or encumbered any more, says the Lord.

It is My blood that has cleansed you, says the LORD.  It is My finished work on the cross that has completed you in Me. It is My Spirit that severs you from these bondages and illegitimate ties.  I have done it.  IT IS DONE!  No more!  Now move out of those broken stocks and shackles and out of the open prison doors and walk in the newness of life and light that I have bought and paid for.  Look ahead and not back, for the prison doors are open.  The gates are open.  Walk away and do not even glance over your shoulder or look back.  It is finished and done.  Do not call what I have cleansed unclean and do not call that which is uncommon common. I have made you to be My own vessel of honor that I will show forth My glory through.  It is a position of sonship that is privileged and perfect.  I have not made you to be ordinary, but extraordinary, not common, but uncommon, and I have sanctified you and made you holiness onto Me.  You are connected with me, aligned with me, and this will bring an unfailing harvest of unimpeachable joy, says the LORD.

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