Intimacy, Communion and Communication with Me

You can have constant communion and communication with Me, says the LORD. I desire intimacy with you. I want to have unceasing fellowship and friendship with you. I desire to walk with you, talk with you, and share My heart with you as well as you to share your most intimate thoughts and feelings with me. Your pain and infirmities touch MY HEART! I know that you are human, and limited, but I AM NOT. When you have a need, shift it onto ME! I will supply. I want to. I can. I WILL, as you allow Me to do so. My love for you and desire for you is endless, uncharted, and beyond description, says the LORD.

Come to Me. Desire Me, Who desires you, says the LORD. You can ask Me anything. You can have the desires of your heart granted. Expect it and trust Me with your care. I cannot and will not withhold anything good from you, and have nothing bad that I will give you. You cannot see the future, and your understanding is limited. Mine is NOT! When you entrust your total care to Me and give the reins of your life over to me, I will never harm you, never fail you, never abuse you, never withhold My love from you, and never forsake or abandon you. I will not belittle you for what you do not understand, but will teach you, lead you, guide you and care for you as you trust in Me to do you GOOD and not harm, and allow Me to be the Lord of all your life, says the LORD.

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