More than Enough

I have prepared My table for you in My presence, and loaded it with blessings upon blessings that are reserved for you, says the LORD. You will eat and drink and be filled and fat and fully satisfied, as you come and receive what awaits. Fellowship and friendship with you is delightful to Me, and you have a special seat that has your name on it. No one can take your place. They have their own. There is pleasure in My presence that will thrill you, fill you, excite you, and as you enter in, you will be awed by the hidden treasures that I reveal onto you, says the LORD.

I will give you sudden blessings, phenomenal power, and fill you with My grace and glory, says the LORD. You are always sought after by Me. Seek Me and come and dine. For you will never be disappointed, dissatisfied. I will give you more than enough, and you will be blessed to become a conduit of My blessings, and oversupplied so that you can bless others from the overflow, says the LORD.

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