Unshakable, Immovable

My peace I give to you that cannot be extracted from you, says the LORD. As I Am your peace, and abide; the peace that I give cannot change with your circumstances. I remain the same, and My gift of peace remains unchangeable and unalterable. Do not allow the storms of your life to distract you and interfere with My abiding presence and peace within you. Didn’t I tell you that it surpasses all understanding? You can laugh at the storm. You can rejoice amid the conflict. For nothing can alter you or remove you from your foundation in ME. I have been your sure foundation and your stability is in ME. I have made you unshakable and immovable! When the storm passes by, you will still be standing, secure and untouched, in ME, says the LORD.

Trust that nothing is too hard for Me, and I have given you the spirit of the overcomer, says the LORD. I have given you the power to tread upon the enemy and to break every one of his diabolical weapons. None of them can succeed against you. Hold up the shield of faith. You do no have to fear his weapons. You are not a target that can be reached. Do not cower because of His roar, for I have placed in you MY ROAR, and I Am the Lion of Judah. It will out roar the enemy and destroy every one of his devices. I have defeated him by My finished work on the cross and My shed blood. You are a conqueror and overcomer in ME, fully equipped to defeat every enemy and stand as the victor every time, says the LORD.

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