Cast Down Every Imagination and Negative Thought

Cast down every negative imagination and thought that is contrary to My promises, says the LORD.  What conflicts with My word is a thought that did not come from ME, but the enemy, your accuser.  Do not side with him.  Get rid of the negative mindset that stifles you and paralyses any productivity in ME.  Do not look at the impossibilities or your own imperfections, for I Am the One Who qualifies you.  I Am the One Who equips you. I Am the One who sanctifies you and I Am the One Who commissions you.  Do not put limits on what I can do with you and through you.  I will equip you for all that I have called you to do.  I will help you to fulfill every good purpose that I have prescribed for you life. Nothing is too hard for Me, and I will not give you any assignment that is too hard for you to fulfill in ME, says the LORD.

Do all things through Me, says the LORD. I never meant for you to do anything on your own. Yoke up with ME, for it is an easy yoke and light burden.  I will give you certain success.  I will not fail to help you and you will not fail.  Do not dwell on your feelings of inadequacy or insecurities, for that will keep you from advancing in My kingdom purposes prescribed for your life.  Trust that I have given you everything that you need of to fulfill every assignments in MY Kingdom that you are to do.  I will lead you into your destiny, fully prepared for every good work as you lean on Me and trust in Me at all times, says the LORD.

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