Never Give Up

Never give up, says the Lord. Never! I have never given up on you. When I said NOTHING is impossible for those who believe, I mean NOTHNG! When I said I would supply all of your need, I said ALL, not some. I was not looking for an escape from My promises and provisions for you, and a reason not to give you the desires of your heart and the things that I decreed that I would do, but I said the escape that I do provide is from the trials and tests that you are experiencing. I never cease to be the WAY! When I make a way of escape, I AM your WAY of escape. I AM the MOST HIGH GOD and I Am the undefeatable ONE. I Am the every present ONE. I Am the ALMGHTY ONE in the midst of you, and I cannot be conquered. I cannot be overwhelmed. I cannot be defeated. I AM with you always, says the LORD.

Do not pay attention to the fiery furnace of affliction that the enemy threatens you with and throws you into, says the Lord. The natural is always inferior to My supernatural power. Arise and decree that your God is able to deliver you, but you will not bow and bend and kneel to the illegitimate authorities and powers and principalities of darkness. Decree that you will not be bent or swayed by the trials and tests and afflictions that I told you would be many. I will deliver you out of them ALL. They cannot overpower Me and will not overwhelm you as you arise and boldly proclaim that I AM with you and I will bring you out of the fiery trials, not only delivered and untouched and unscathed by them, but with promotion and honor. You are My undefeatable One, and I will defeat the enemy and empower you to tread upon the evil one, break his weapons that are forged against you and those you love, and quench all his fiery darts with the shield of MY faith that I give you. As I have come to destroy the works of the devil, I will cause you to do the same thing. I call you an undefeatable warrior that will cut off the head of the python and foil the plans of the dark one with the sword of My Spirit, and nothing shall be impossible with you because of the faith that you exercise in Me, the undefeatable One, who will always cause you to triumph in ME, says the LORD.

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