Obey My Voice

Listen to the sound of My still voice on the inside of you, says the Lord. Listen and obey.  For I Am not shouting.  Quiet the external voices that are trying to get your attention and squelch out My voice on the inside. Be still and know that I Am God. I Am in the midst of you.  Do not look all around for Me.  I Am not far from you.  I Am in very core of your being, says the Lord, and I want you to quiet yourself and position yourself to hear Me.  I Am speaking, and will not fail to give you direction and instruction for your life. But you must focus your attention on me and quiet your own thoughts and turn away from the illegitimate voices in your life and fine tune My internal voice on the inside of you so that you can clearly hear Me, says the Lord.

My voice that resonates with you will bring you sustainable peace., says the LORD.  All other voices will cause you unrest.  My voice will still your unrest as you follow Me wholeheartedly.  You know when I speak.  Let My will be your primary desire and it will come to pass, Do you really want Me to lead and guide you?  Do you really want Me to order your steps?  Do you truly desire that My will is done in you as it is in heaven?  Then trust that I AM speaking and leading and guiding you continually and bringing you into perfect peace as you entrust Me to give you wise counsel in these turbulent times and give you My rest and peace that will abide, as you hear and obey My voice, says the Lord.

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