Promotion and advancement comes from Me, says the LORD.  I AM the author of it and I Am the One Who gives good success as you keep My Word before you and pursue Me.  I will position you and provide for you.  There is no good thing that I will withhold from you as you entrust Me to be the source of your life.  I have nothing bad to offer.  I will bring healing and health to you in every area of your life and relationships as you give yourself to Me and unburden yourself by allowing Me to carry the load and carry you.  There is nothing to big or small for Me to help you with.  Let me be your everything.  I will grant you your highest heart’s desire and bring you into your full destiny in Me.  Let your pursuit be Me, and everything else will be given to you that you need, says the LORD.

Enter humbly but boldly into My presence and partake of My unspeakable joy, says the Lord.  It is never absent and always there for you.  It doesn’t depend upon your circumstances and you will receive strength for your journey.  Bask in My love that is unending for you and enjoy the peace that awaits you always.  It cannot be extracted from you as you learn to trust in Me at all times.  I never become tired of hearing your voice as you call to me. I welcome you into My presence at all times. I will bring you into a place of promotion in My presence and cause you to advance in My kingdom as you put Me in first place in your life and pursue and wholeheartedly follow Me, says the LORD.

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