Expect Your Miracle

I will cause you to give birth to what you have carried and labor for, says the LORD.  You have been expecting a miracle, and you will not be disappointed. You have watched as the seed of faith has germinated and grown within you.  You have fed upon My rhema Word and nurtured that which you have been carrying.  Others have looked at your expectations as unreasonable and impossible, but you have hoped against hope.  I will not allow you to have a stillborn, says the LORD. Your labor is not vain in Me.  Just as I have caused you to conceive and carry, you will bring your miracle to full term and you will also endure the labor pain and the intense process of delivery.   I will see to it, says the LORD.

Do not let the unbelief of others taint your faith or cause you to be distracted, says the LORD.  What you carry will come forth, alive and well.  I will be with you through the travail and there will be great joy at the birthing of My promises that you have faithfully believed Me for.  Your time of travail will end well, for though weeping may endure for a night, your joy will come in the morning.  The times of your travail and difficult labor pain and sorrow will give way to incredible joy. In view of the glory that awaits, you will endure the present suffering as you wait with anticipation and faith that you will embrace new and viable life.  Even as others rejoiced with Elizabeth when she brought forth her son, John, in her old age, there will be great joy in the camp of those who witness what you will birth. Even in old age others will look on in shock at what I have caused you to bring forth and wonder at the greatness of My power to bring about the impossible and turn your sorrow and shame into great joy!  As sure as you have conceived and carry, you will bring forth and embrace what you have long awaited, says the LORD.

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