Viable, Visible, Tangible Victory

I Am giving you a song of praise and thanksgiving in the Night, says the Lord. Even as My servants Paul and Silas sang joyfully at the midnight hour with bleeding backs while bound in stocks in prison, I will give you a joyful sound. Let your voice proclaim victory instead of defeat. Let the sound of praise arise in your heart as you see light breaking through even in the midst of dense darkness that can be felt. Break out in songs of deliverance as you see that although it looks bleak, there is going to be a great shaking and a removing of shackles. Prison doors will open and you will know that I Am NOT bound and you will not be able to be bound either. I will liberate you from the darkness and the defeat that the wicked one endeavored to impose upon you and bring you sure victory, says the LORD.

Sing and rejoice when all hope in the natural is gone, for your hope is in ME, says the LORD.   My power is never able to be defeated and there is no such word as impossibility with Me. I will bring you out of the darkness with incredible speed, for the wind of My Spirit will blow against the winds of adversity and there will be a mighty shaking. You will be My unshakable, and unmovable ones who will come out of the prison house with an upper hand. My light will penetrate the darkness and radiate upon you for all to see. For I inhabit your praise, and I dwell in the midst of you! Let the springs of living water arise in you and fill the environs with My melodies of praise, for I will show Myself to be strong on your behalf and bring you viable and visible and tangible victory that will impact all those who witness your release and see My great light upon you, says the LORD.

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