I have fully equipped you to firmly stand, in the evil day, says the LORD. You have My armor. You have My sword. I have given you the measure of faith that will shield you from any weapon the enemy hurls at you. Don’t become battle fatigued, but be strong in Me and use what I have given you to defeat the dark one. Your victory is assured, for you cannot be defeated if you will stand, says the LORD.

No power is greater than Mine, says the LORD. The enemy is no match for Me, and cannot defeat you, because I stand with you, to strengthen and help you. I have given you the power to not only overcome, but to overwhelm the enemy. Stay alert. Be on guard. Be aware of the enemy, but do not fear. Your victory is assured as you stand, and refuse to give way to the threats of the dark one. You will win if you refuse to compromise, and you will have all the help you need to succeed, says the LORD.

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