The Days of Miracles

The days of miracles, signs and wonders are NOT past, says the Lord.  Just as I have not changed, My will has not changed, My purposes have not changed, My mind has not changed and My Work has not changed, I have NOT changed My glory. I have not changed in My presence. I have not changed in My ability. I have NOT changed because times and seasons have changed. I have not changed because the cultures have changed. I remain the same.  What I did in the past is the same as I will do today and tomorrow.  Nothing with Me has changed.  My desire to bless you is the same in the good times and the difficult times.  I have always been your provider.  Your prosperity depends upon Me as well, for the economic conditions around you are not in control of your personal destiny in ME.  I will always keep you and provide for you and protect you as you look to Me as your source, says the Lord.

Though many fall and fail all around you, this is not prescribed for those who Love Me and walk in faith and trust in Me, says the Lord. Even as I caused pure water to flow out of a rock in times of old for My people Israel, I can cause you to drink not only physical water, but to indulge in the pure stream of My Word and partake of My living Waters, irrespective of the environs of your life.  I have called you to be a world changer, not to be changed by the fear and doubt and conditions that are around you.  Nothing has changed with Me, but I Am changing you to be like Me in the very settings around you. I have called you to make a difference and present My supernatural power to the lost and the suffering and the mourning.  I have called you to touch the lives of many and to remain untouched by the world around you.  Your purpose cannot be contained in survival and selfish interests. Your purpose is for My kingdom, and as you draw closer to Me, you will not only represent Me, but My very glory will be seen on you and bring about restoration and life wherever I send you in these times, says the Lord.

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