The enemy is terrified, knowing that his days are numbered, says the LORD. He has no peace, no joy, no rest, and no hope. When I pour out my indignation against the workers of iniquity and the children of wrath, there will be no place for them to escape. Justice and righteousness belong to me, and I will not allow unrighteousness to reign. I AM coming soon, says the LORD.

I will not give up the earth that belongs to me to the evil ones, and I will cause the meek to inherit it, says the LORD. They will rule and reign with Me, and there will be NO MORE destruction, NO more disease, NO more unrighteousness, NO more unrest, No more injustice, and NO MORE pain! You will shine brightly in MY kingdom that is without end. I will reward you for your faithfulness, dry all your tears, and lavish you with treasures you could never imagine, says the LORD.

Take heart, for I Am not finished with you yet, says the LORD. I have need of you. I will avenge you of your adversaries, restore you, heal your wounds and promote you. I will pour out My Holy SPIRIT and FIRE, and rain down miracles, signs and wonders that you will witness. I will use you for My glory, and your heart will sing as you reap a bountiful harvest for My kingdom that is without end, and the days of your mourning will suddenly END, says the LORD.

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