The Supernatural

The supernatural will become the natural for those who will make My presence and glory in their lives their priority, says the Lord.  Do you want the mundane to define your experience or do you want the miraculous? I Am able to invade the natural with My supernatural power and glory that will change people, places and things, for I Am almighty, and nothing is beyond My ability.  I Am the creator of all, and nothing and no one is exempt from My presence and power.  I Am not weak or inept.  Do not envision Me as a God that has limitations. I see what you cannot see. I know what you do not know.  My power that created everything, My power that created you can make all things NEW for you.  I want you to not only entrust Me with your life, but take your faith to a higher level, even beyond your present mentality and personal impossibilities, says the Lord.

When did I become mere man that I would have boundaries or anything that could keep Me from performing My will, I ask?  Do not look to yourself to fix the problems in your life that are resistant to change.  Look to Me.  Trust that I can do what no other power can do, and it is not difficult for Me or beyond Me.  I Am in control and I will invade the environs of your life and those you entrust to Me as you give up looking to the natural means that you have sought after and depended upon and let ME do it.  I will be in you all that you allow Me to be, as you become the dependent child and lean totally upon Me.  Listen to My counsel.  Trust in My infallible ways. Lean upon Me, and your understanding will no longer be the ceiling of your own personal experience.  You will then realize that there is No limit to what I can do and no limitations to HOW I will perform. Even the sky will not be a limit as you realize that there are NO wall, no ceilings, no barriers with Me, and I Am everywhere.  I will perform the supernatural in the natural things that I created for those who truly BELIEVE that I Am everything that you need Me to be and far beyond.  I will put my power on display for those who will allow My presence and power to be on display as they relinquish control and allow Me to be everything that I desire to be in their midst, says the Lord.

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