Unimpeachable Grace

Your righteousness is in Me, says the Lord.  You could not earn it. I have given it to you by your faith in My substitutionary death on the cross for you.  I paid the complete penalty for your sins.  I gave you My righteousness.  It is My gift to you as you simply believe in Me and receive Me as your Savior and Lord. There was nothing you could do to save yourself. There is nothing you can do now.  Trusting in My finished work on the cross and My unimpeachable grace is the only thing that you can stand on.  You are secure in Me, because it is My work in you, not what you did or can do.  Trust that you are clean through faith in Me, says the Lord.  I have cleansed you from all unrighteousness. I have redeemed you by My shed blood as you placed your trust in Me, says the Lord.

There is nothing left out of what I have accomplished for you, says the LORD.  Accept it.  Accept that you could not make yourself right in My sight by your own good works.  You cannot earn your healing or deliverance.  Nor can you earn any of the gifts that I have for you.  It is because of My love and favor.  I paid the price for every blessing that I have given you and all that I have is yours. Just receive what belongs to you and do not fall into condemnation or listen to the illegitimate voices that would disqualify you.  I have qualified you by your faith and trust in what I have accomplished for you on the cross.  I see you as a finished work of grace.  How do you see yourself?  Look through My eyes and do not live under the dark cloud of condemnation.  Cast away fear and doubt.  It is the dark one that is the accuser of the saints: not Me.   I have given you faith and I want you to live by these principles.  Walk in love and faith and forgiveness and receive the fullness of My blessings as My entitled child this day, says the Lord.

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